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Yorkshire Water runs interactive environment workshop at Ninelands Primary School

Yorkshire Water were at Ninelands Primary School in Garforth presenting “Soak It Up” workshops - an innovative approach to reducing water in drainage.

The Year 4 pupils were shown examples of sustainable drainage such as roof gardens, vegetable gardens and water butts and discovered how they benefit the environment and how they can help prevent flooding.

The pupils were then given a board where they could build their own sustainable drainage, with the team which prevented the most amount of water from reaching the drain crowned the winner!

Education & Volunteering Manager at Yorkshire Water, Anne Reed said: “Sustainable drainage systems are a simple but highly effective way to utilise rain water. They can give a major boost to the garden and to local wildlife whilst also playing a big role in flood prevention.

“We are thrilled to be able to spread awareness and deliver some fun activities for local schools!”

Mrs Sabourn from Ninelands Primary School, said: "Our local area is notorious for flooding, with our school grounds no exception. If we can do our bit to prevent it, we are helping the environment and our school. We are looking forward to putting some of the ideas we tried into practice around our site with the help of Yorkshire Water."

Find out more about the scheme on our Soak It Up webpage

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