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Yorkshire Water and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust start work on Riverside School Soak it Up project

Yorkshire Water and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust began work on a “Soak it Up” project at Riverside School, helping reduce the impact of surface water.

It was the first of its kind in the county this year and follows on from an earlier educational visit where pupils were shown sustainable drainage solutions (SuDS) such as roof gardens, vegetable gardens and water butts and learnt how they contribute to flood relief and benefit the environment.

It was time to get hands dirty and put those plans into practice, with volunteers from Yorkshire Water and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust getting involved by improving the school’s sensory garden, pond building a swale.

Yorkshire Water Campaign Project Co-ordinator, Nicole Jones, said: “Due to an increase in hard surfaces there is less rainwater is being absorbed into the ground. This can cause flooding while additional litter and pollutants can get into the system and cause blockages.

“Soak it Up lets pupils know what they can do in school and at home to help and with those installations they get to see every day the benefits they bring.”

Yorkshire Water is running a competition with the best at home SuDS winning a voucher for them and their school.

Alison Woodward, Head of School at Riverside, said: "We thoroughly enjoyed working with Yorkshire Water and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to address our flooding issues around our playground.

“The children in the Eco-Group chose the projects very carefully to make sure we make the best use of water on our site and they were very excited to talk about this on the radio, as well as meeting our MP!

“Water management and conservation is a subject very close to our hearts living and working in Tadcaster. This project has been fantastic for highlighting the wider aspects of our Eco work in school and with the local community. We are the proud owners of the most Green Flag awards in North Yorkshire; our 5th Flag application has just been submitted and this project has really supported our Eco work in school. " 

Nigel Adams MP, who was shown the work being undertaken at the school, said: “I was pleased to introduce the school to Yorkshire Water’s initiative and to meet the Year 6 pupils in the Eco Club. It was great to see the work being done at the school on water and environmental management by Yorkshire Water & Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.”

For information on Soak it Up and tips on how you can create your own sustainable drainage, go to our Soak it Up webpage.

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