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Yorkshire Water issues reservoir safety warning

Yorkshire Water is issuing a warning to those considering a dip in its reservoirs ahead of what is set to be a sweltering weekend.

Temperatures are set to hit 30 degrees across the country so many may see the county’s reservoirs as the ideal spot to cool down.

However, temperatures in the water are far colder and taking a dip could lead to tragic consequences.

Reservoirs have temperatures as low as 12ºC, which is colder than rivers in summer time and they are much deeper with depths of up to 50m. Although they have less currents than rivers, there are underwater currents generated by pipework, which is a more invisible danger.

Alastair Harvey, Yorkshire Water’s Recreation Advisor, said: “Reservoirs are deep and the water in them doesn’t flow or heat up in the same way as rivers or the sea with the temperature rarely rising above 12C. People sometimes do not understand how dangerous they can be. Just a short swim can result in a tragic loss of life and we want to once again ask people to stay out of our reservoirs.”

Signs are around all of Yorkshire Water’s 120 reservoirs warning people about the dangers of swimming but sadly alcohol and bravado can sometimes cloud people’s judgement. Yorkshire Water wants visitors to enjoy the land and waters it owns but the company also wants them to go home safely.

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