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Obesity expert urges families to get active this summer

With many families facing the six week holidays wondering how on earth to keep the kids occupied, we've stepped in with suggestions of places to explore on foot throughout God's own country. 

Latching onto the smart watch trend that calculates steps taken, we have calculated how many steps the average person would rack up if they walked around some of our most popular scenic reservoirs and moorland. 

For instance, a ramble around the rugged perimeters of Scar House and Angram reservoirs in Upper Nidderdale would equate to over 13,545 steps which is equivalent to just over six miles*. 

As our lives become more sedentary, Professor Paul Gately, expert in Exercise and Obesity at Leeds Beckett University, agrees that accessing fresh air and exercise is a great habit to get into. 

“This is a fantastic initiative, many people know they should be more active, but they are put off by a variety of barriers. With nearly 75 per cent of our UK adult population not getting enough physical activity, information like this can really help people appreciate that walks in some of Britain’s most beautiful locations are well within their comfort zone.  What a great way to get more active for free.”
Other recommended reservoir and moorland walks that rack up the steps count are: Swinsty and Timble bridleway outside Harrogate which is 12,235 steps; Rishworth Moor in Calderdale which is 13,108 steps; and Redmires and Rivelin reservoirs walking route in the south Peak District which is 9,831 steps. 

Geoff Lomas, Yorkshire Water recreation manager, explains: “For a long time we have published maps with suggested walks around our reservoirs and over our land. But this year we thought we’d add a new dimension to our information and calculate the number of steps around each reservoir walk. This will encourage people with smart watches trying to rack up their 10,000 steps a day to visit our beautiful reservoirs to meet their target.” 

Geoff Lomas added: “With more than 600 miles of routes to choose from across Yorkshire Water’s estate, walkers can get git striding across some of the best landscape in the country.” 

The locations for most of our reservoir walks have free car parks, although as popular beauty spots these do get full quite quickly. 


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