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Yorkshire Water helps stops the flow of period poverty on International Day of The Girl Child

The Communications team at Yorkshire Water collected over 500 packets of sanitary products from colleagues on behalf of Red Box Project, which provides free sanitary items to the young women who need them in local schools.

In the UK, sanitary products are classed as luxury, non-essential items, and are therefore taxed, making them unaffordable to many. In fact, 1 in 10 girls aged from 14 to 21 in Bradford cannot afford menstrual items. It affects their education with at least 49% of girls have missed a whole day of school due to their period. There are also potential health issues with some girls over-using sanitary products, as they can’t afford to keep buying new ones.

On International Day of the Girl Child (#Dayofthegirl), Yorkshire Water worked with the Red Box Project to help raise awareness and donate sanitary products.

Yorkshire Water Digital Media Assistant, Sarah Royal, said: “When we heard about the project we knew it was something as a company we wanted to get involved with. Period poverty is a definite issue in the area and to help out by donating 542 packs of products it is something we are proud of.

“We would like to thank everyone who donated - colleagues, friends and family – to help reach that target.”

Charlotte Furness and Victoria Raw, Red Box Project in Bradford Co-ordinators, said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to Sarah Royal, Alison Hipkin, Emily Brady and their colleagues at Yorkshire water for this wonderful contribution to the Red Box Project in Bradford. 

“This is going to help us fulfil the huge task ahead of making sure every school in Bradford has a red box so that no young person in need ever has to go without menstrual products.”

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