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Crucial flood partnership scheme finished

A local councillor has surveyed work that has recently finished on a new pipeline that goes under the railway line in Norton and will play a crucial part in the area’s emergency flood plan.

The new pipeline allows Yorkshire Water to deploy their emergency pumps during flood events. Previously when the pumps were deployed as part of Malton and Norton’s emergency flood plan, the pumping had to stop whenever a train went past as the pipe from the pumps needed to be placed across the train track to get to the river. The pipe from the pump will now continuously run during flood events and therefore be more effective as it won’t have to intermittently stop.

Yorkshire Water worked with Network Rail to deliver this pipeline so the pump is easier to deploy, safer, more effective and helps to reduce flood risk. 

The pumps are deployed to reduce the risk of homes and businesses in the area flooding. The emergency pump plan was developed in partnership with Yorkshire Water, North Yorkshire County Council, Ryedale Council and the Environment Agency. When certain triggers are met, engineers from Yorkshire Water deploy the pumps and this is just one of the projects the company has been working on in the Malton and Norton area.  

Eve Pierrepont, Flood Risk Engineer for Yorkshire Water said: “It was great to show Cllr Di Keal the work we’ve done in partnership with Network Rail and explain why this scheme is so integral to the area’s emergency flood plan. 

“This is just a small part of the work we’re doing to reduce flood risk in Malton and Norton. As well as having our emergency pump plan, we’ve gifted Ryedale Council with a pump they can deploy themselves and we’re creating a model of the catchment in the area so we can understand how water flows through our sewers to better understand the flooding issues in the area.” 

Rob McIntosh, route managing director at Network Rail, said: “Flooding can have a devastating impact on both communities and the railway and I’m pleased that we’ve been able to work alongside Yorkshire Water to get a drainage pipe buried beneath the track to help alleviate the risk of flooding in the future.”

Long-standing flood campaigner and Ryedale district and town councillor for Norton West, Di Keal said: "This is very welcome news and one more piece in the jigsaw of flood protection that we need in Norton, Malton and Old Malton to alleviate flooding.

"The installation of this under-track pipeline is great news as it will help residents and businesses in Norton cope better when the community is faced with flooding as it should reduce the need for prolonged road closures.

"Ultimately we need increased permanent pumping capacity in Norton, but this development, along with the extra emergency pumps that the town councils hope to provide, should make a big difference to how we are able to manage flood events in the future."

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