Yorkshire Water pushes priority services register

During National Safeguarding Week, Yorkshire Water is making an extra push to make all customers aware of its priority services register.

The register provides a wide range of additional support to help make bills and meters more accessible, as well as provide temporary water if water supplies are interrupted and protect customers from bogus callers.

The firm has conducted research which shows that people may not see themselves as being in vulnerable circumstances. When this is combined with significant reductions in service provision by Local Authority’s due to the economic climate there is increasing opportunity for Yorkshire Water to make a significant difference in the lives of the people it serves, particularly as its daily activities include it identifying people already at significant risk of harm or reduced quality of life.

The company will be:

· Working to reduce risk of harm to its customers. Yorkshire Water can often be the first professional organisation to have seen someone in some time.

· Trying to identify people who could benefit from priority services, in particular those that are would benefit the most. For example, people with medical conditions, the elderly or those that have restricted movement as well as those with young families.

· Refining their own services to meet the needs of the people of Yorkshire and signposting to other people where appropriate.

This commitment comes off the back of work the firm has already undertaken across the county including working towards becoming a dementia friendly business and forming relationships with West Yorkshire Police and Fire service to help educate colleagues to recognise when customers may need additional support.

Yorkshire Water Safeguarding Officer, Ash Roberts, said: “Providing help to those who need it most is an essential of part of what we do at Yorkshire Water.

“We’re asking those who feel they could be benefit to contact us to sign up. If you know someone who may need these free services because of their circumstances please let us know.”

For more information and to sign up for the priority services register, go to our Priority Services webpage.