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£1million sewer flooding reduction scheme set to start in Mexborough

Yorkshire Water is about to start a £1million scheme to reduce the risk of sewer flooding to parts of Mexborough. The work, which will begin on the 5 February involves the construction of a large storage tank in land off Market Street, improvements to a nearby combined sewer overflow and the laying of new sewers.

Once built, the storage tank will be able to store around 400,000 litres of storm water in times of heavy rainfall, before discharging it back into the sewer system when it’s safe to do so. Whilst working to increase the size of the sewer overflow, the steps up to Greens Way from Market Street will be closed off to pedestrians for safety reasons and a small footpath diversion will be in put in place instead.

The company has liaised closely with the local highways department and agreed that work in Market Street itself will be held off until summer time to try and reduce the impact to local residents and motorists. The whole project is set to be completed by the end of October this year.

Communications Advisor, John Bond, comments: “This is great news for local customers who can experience flooding during heavy rainfall as it should dramatically reduce the risk of future incidents. We’ve recently written to people close to the working area and we’ll be keeping them updated as the project progresses.”

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