£20m project at Lundwood waste water treatment works about to start

We're about to start work on a £20 million project which will see Lundwood sewage treatment works in Barnsley become one of the most efficient waste water treatment works in the region. 

The site, which was built in 1961, serves a population of around 100,000 customers and businesses in the area.

Over the next two years, the site will receive a major overhaul involving the construction of a new activated sludge treatment process and the removal and reinstatement of the existing filter beds. In addition, a new inlet will be built, fitted with a new, state-of-the-art odour control unit. 

The scheme also signifies the start of a new relationship with contract partner, Interserve, the international support services and construction group, that will be undertaking the programme of work on our behalf.

Communications Advisor, John Bond, said: "This is a huge investment which is expected to bring about significant improvements to the way in which we treat Barnsley's waste water and the local environment. We're aware that a scheme of this size inevitably brings with it an increase in traffic on local roads and we'd appreciate it if residents close to the site take additional care whilst the work is being done."

Chris Tyerman, Interserve’s Managing Director – Infrastructure, said: “We are looking forward to working with our new client, Yorkshire Water, on this important project and showcasing our expertise in the waste water management sector.”

Once complete, not only will the site be able to operate more efficiently, water being released back into the River Dearne will be greatly improved bringing environmental benefits to the river and local environment.

From the 25 September, cabins and welfare facilities will be set up within the boundary of the site with the main construction work set to start in late October with the project continuing until the Spring of April 2020.