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MP helps find leaks in Keighley

John Grogan, MP for Keighley, joined Yorkshire Water’s leakage inspectors on the hunt for water leaks in Keighley.

Mr Grogan learnt how leaks are detected on the water network and how Yorkshire Water is using innovative technology including drones, satellites and “acoustic ears” to help find leaks quicker.

The company is also hiring new leakage inspectors and trainees to help plug the volume of water leaked from its pipe network by 40 percent by 2025. Leakage inspectors work outdoors across the region finding leaks using sound techniques. 

Reducing leakage is part of Yorkshire Water’s goal to ensure everyone always has a secure supply of drinking water now and in the future. By reducing the amount of water lost to leaks, Yorkshire Water will build resilience and ensure a security of supply to an estimated one million more people in the region by 2045.

After the visit Mr Grogan commented: “Cutting the amount of water leaking from the system means less waste and ultimately lower bills. I am pleased Yorkshire Water have set themselves a more demanding leak reduction target than that required by OFWAT the industry regulator.”

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