Funky street furniture fitted at Hull’s designer drinking fountains

Nine eye-catching pieces of street furniture have been added to Hull’s three new designer drinking fountains to complete the new ‘city oases’ landmarks.

The furniture, designed to represent creatures approaching a watering hole, has been commissioned as part of our involvement in Hull UK City of Culture 2017.

Located in King Edwards Square, Queens Gardens and the Marina, each ‘oasis’ has created a new zone in the city centre where people can rest, rehydrate and escape the hustle and bustle.

Simon Macro, one half of award-winning UK design duo, Freshwest, who were commissioned to create the ‘city oases’, said: “We wanted to create a family of street furniture for the drinking fountains that would bring life and personality to the spaces.

“They are designed to be playful and encourage people to stop for a while and have a drink – just like animals would at a watering hole, or you might at your local pub.

“The forms of the furniture, which can be used as seats and tables, suggest that the pieces of furniture have made their own journey to the fountains, referring to the idea of a watering hole as a meeting place.”

We are encouraging people to drink more water whilst also reducing global reliance on plastic water bottles by adopting reusable ones that are more-environmentally friendly. Last month, we handed out 1,000 reusable water bottles to passers-by in Hull city centre in just three-hours and will be doing the same again this month.

The idea to bring drinking fountains to Hull was conceived by Yorkshire Water project advisor Duncan Macintyre. He said: “It’s great to see the furniture now installed at these three new drinking fountains. Whilst I was at one of them some students walked passed with one remarking, ‘is that a chair?’, and her friend immediately responded, ‘it’s not a chair... it’s art!’. It’s not for me to say what they are, but they are Hull’s to love and enjoy now, so we’re looking forward to sharing these new spaces with everyone for years to come.”

For the next 20 days (7-27th October), Hull 2017 volunteers will be greeting visitors to the new drinking fountains, handing our reusable water bottles and showing them how to grab a specially created snapchat selfie to help celebrate Hull’s year in the spotlight.

Maps of the city oases walking trails can be picked up at the Paragon Interchange, Ferens Art Gallery, City Hall, Hull Truck and across the city until February 2018.