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Yorkshire Water teams up with garden centre for five green ‘finger-tips’ to save water in the garden

Five green 'finger tips' for gardens!

Yorkshire Water has joined forces with garden centre Horticap to offer advice on how to use less water whilst still maintaining a stunning summer garden.

The county has experienced an extremely dry spell and since the heatwave began, the firm has supplied, on average, an extra 125 million litres of water a day to meet the increased demand.

Yorkshire Water is giving away water saving packs on its website and has given tips on how to save water, such as showering instead of taking baths and covering paddling pools.

However, with the dry spell set to continue, it was time to take the advice into the garden and bring in the gardening experts to help save water and keep that beautiful garden, come rain or shine.

Located in Harrogate, Horticap is a garden centre with a difference, providing students who have learning and other disabilities with a supportive and friendly working environment so that they may develop their social and communication abilities.

Yorkshire Water Campaigns Advisor, Adrian Flanagan, said: “Demand has been high this summer, but it has recently dropped thanks to customers heeding our water-saving advice. However, water is a precious resource and with the hot weather set to continue these brilliant tips can save a lot of water.”

Horticap’s top five green finger-tips to save water in the garden are:

1 - Buy a water butt. You can catch and store rainwater as it falls and then use this to water the garden instead of relying on water from the tap. Plants also love rain water!

2 - Buy drought tolerant plants. There are plenty of perennials, grasses and shrubs which don’t need watering once established in the ground. They are stunning too.

3 - Don’t water your grass! Don’t worry if your lawn goes a bit brown, your grass will be fine. Just don’t cut it too short

4 - Use mulch on your soil. They help soil retain moisture in summer, prevent weeds from growing and protect the roots of plants in winter.

5 - Mix in some gel crystals. They absorb water and expand meaning you don’t have to use as much water on your plants.

For more water-saving tips visit our save water webpage.

To order a free water-saving pack visit the Save Water Save Money website.

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