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£1m scheme in Hinderwell to reduce risk of sewer flooding

Yorkshire Water is carrying out a £1m sewer flooding defence scheme in Hinderwell, Scarborough that involves seven giant storage pipes being laid to relieve pressure on the local sewer network during times of heavy rainfall.

The project is being undertaken following sewer flooding issues along the village’s High Street and nearby fields.

So far, five giant storage pipes each 140m long and one metre wide have been installed underground along Hinderwell Lane. This will have a storage capacity of 750,000 litres, helping to create a safety valve for the sewer network.

The work is being carried out by Yorkshire Water’s contract partner, Mott MacDonald Bentley, with a second storage site due to be built next Spring to the north-east of the village.

The scheme was recently visited by local Scarborough MP Robert Goodwill, who commented: “This is a positive step forward for the village and will hopefully prevent sewer flooding occurring during times of heavy rainfall. It is good to see proactive work being carried out by Yorkshire Water that will reduce the number of sewer flooding incidents in Hinderwell.”

John Bond, communications advisor at Yorkshire Water, said: “This is a major scheme that involves a significant amount of groundworks and we are doing our best to keep disruption to a minimum. The storage pipes provide the most suitable solution to reducing sewer flooding in the area. The local sewers are also being be re-lined to prevent groundwater seeping in.”

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