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Yorkshire Water to save over 18,000 plastic bottles to support Plastic Free July

To support the ‘Plastic Free July’ global initiative, at this year’s Great Yorkshire Show Yorkshire Water will ditch the traditional practise of handing out free (plastic) bottles of tap water, replacing them with access to a portable ‘water bar’ instead.

The free to use water bar, first introduced in 2017, encourages people to bring their own re-useable bottle to top up on water, rather than buying plastic bottled water.

Over the course of this year’s Great Yorkshire Show, over 6,000 litres of free tap water will be consumed by the public from the firm’s water bar alone. This is equivalent to a whopping 18,181 330ml-sized plastic water bottles, which are effectively being blocked from circulation and entering the waste stream.

Aimee Linfoot, Head of Brand at Yorkshire Water, said: “We are proud to be the official Tap Water Sponsor at this year’s Great Yorkshire Show and expect thousands of people to flock to our water bar to pull a pint of the best water in the country! We’re asking people to bring their own bottle and we’ll also be promoting the importance of using water wisely in the home as part of a more water sustainable lifestyle.”

Sustainable water consumption is an environmental issue that is flying under the radar, according to Yorkshire Water, following a survey that revealed it lagged way down on the public’s consciousness compared to other big environmental issues of the day.

A YouGov survey asked 1,000 people to rank what they thought were the most pressing environmental and ecological challenges facing the planet.

Plastic pollution and climate change (including deforestation) ranked as the top two issues. However, only 28% of those surveyed recognised the need to live a more water efficient lifestyle, prompting Yorkshire Water to call for greater exposure of the issue in order to encourage more people to use water wisely.

The total results of the survey positioned plastic pollution as the number one environmental concern (82%), followed by climate change including deforestation (74%), vehicle carbon emissions (51%), food waste (30%), water sustainability (28%) and clothing waste (9%).

In 2017, Yorkshire Water installed three drinking fountains in Hull city centre – which have so far helped to remove the equivalent of 100,000 plastic bottles from circulation. It also supports the national Refill campaign, which hundreds of retailers in Yorkshire have now signed up to that allows their customers to refill their water bottles for free within their premises.

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