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Yorkshire Water ranked as one of best graduate employers

We have been ranked as one of the best employers of university graduates in the region and 178th best in the UK.

We were ranked in the Guardian UK 300, which is the most comprehensive annual survey of student opinion on graduate careers and employers. 

Over the last six years, we have recruited 50 graduates into the business. 

Our graduate development programme, lasting two-years, offers a competitive starting salary of £24,000. Graduates have the opportunity to rotate across different areas of the business such as engineering, project management and operational management. 

Amin Daji, Yorkshire Water Recruitment Advisor, said: “Our graduate development programme is very well established now and we continually review it so that development, together with the right support, is at its heart. 

“We’re looking forward to seeing our latest batch of graduate recruits develop over the two-year programme and go on to build long-term careers with Yorkshire Water.” 

We currently have five graduates on our development scheme and a further eight new graduates will join the scheme in September. 

Within the energy and utilities sector, graduate recruitment is needed to replace an ageing workforce and fill an estimated void of  221,000 jobs by 2027. 

Our graduates have the opportunity to help run treatment works, maintain sea water quality, manage multi-million-pound investment projects and keep water flowing through taps. 

Case Study 
Katrina Feather joined Yorkshire Water’s graduate scheme in September 2012 and is now a Customer Service Manager in the ‘clean water’ part of the business.

“Whilst studying geology at Manchester University, I undertook a dissertation that required me to liaise with Yorkshire Water. It is during this time that I became aware of its potential career opportunities for graduates. 

“Although it was a tough recruitment process, I’m glad I made the decision to apply – I would encourage anybody to do so! The two years on the scheme were a fantastic experience for me and presented me with some great challenges and opportunities. 

“My personal and professional development has been very focussed and the support network is far reaching, from a dedicated sponsoring manager, business mentor, graduate buddy and placement managers. 

“Particular highlights for me include my time in Asset Policy, which gave me experience and insight into the world of asset management and a focus on our waste water assets. 

“I also gained some great development in my time working as a Metering Team Leader, where I managed a team of 18 Meter Customer Service Advisors and administration staff. You’re given high levels of responsibility as a graduate and all your placements and projects really do add value to the business. 

“I completed the scheme in April 2014 and secured a role as a Customer Performance Officer. 

“I am now the Customer Service & Blueprint Delivery Manager. Working in the clean water side of the business, I drive our customer service strategy and manage a team of 60 customer service professionals. I feel that all the skills and experiences I gained from being on the graduate scheme have been, and continue to be, invaluable in my role and future ambitions.”


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