‘Pizza slice’ style lid lifted into place at £6 million flood storage tank in Goole

A massive 10 metres deep and 20 metres wide storage tank that will protect 27 homes in the Attlee Drive area of Goole from flooding has reached a milestone with a ‘pizza slice’ style lid now lifted into place.

The £6m project, which began 15 months ago, has seen the construction of an underground storage tank along with new sewers to increase the capacity of the local sewerage network. This will mean that more rain water can be stored in the system to cope with heavy rainfall events, reducing the chance of it spilling out onto the surface.

Due to be completed by December this year, the new storage tank will be capable of holding over 2.5 million litres of storm water in wet weather - equivalent to the capacity of an Olympic-sized swimming pool, which will then be gradually returned to the main sewer network.

Yorkshire Water project manager Dominic Cunney said: “With the lid now in place, the storage tank is one step closer to completion. Putting the lid on was a major undertaking, as each ‘pizza slice’ style section of it weighed around 10 tonnes and there were 30 different sections that required a giant crane to lift into place. Once the storage tank is completed it will help protect homes on Atlee Drive from a one in 30 years type storm event which will significantly reduce the risk of flooding.”

The next phase of the project will involve covering the storage tank from view with a car park that will be used by Montague Medical Practice.