Yorkshire Water takes first step in tackling diversity

Today (Tuesday 3rd April) Yorkshire Water and its sister company Loop Customer Management have released their gender pay gap figures for its 3,500 colleagues that work in the region.

Yorkshire Water has a 4.8% mean gender pay gap, significantly lower than the national average of 17.4% as well as a 4.7% median gap. On average female colleagues at Yorkshire Water receive a higher bonus than their male colleagues with the overall percentage of females receiving a bonus being marginally higher than that for males.

Yorkshire Water’s sister company, Loop Customer Management, also announced their gender pay gap figures. They have a mean pay gap of 5.5% and a median of -2% due to their high levels of female employees. Loop Customer Management has a larger bonus gap than Yorkshire Water due to the rules around reporting bonuses of part time staff. There’s a considerable number of part time workers at Yorkshire Water’s contact centre which impacts the figures.

Chief Executive, Richard Flint, commented: “Although our gender pay gap figures are significantly below the national average, we are in no way complacent with our current levels of gender diversity. We want to properly reflect the communities we serve. This reporting is just the first step in a series of measures that will help us to improve not just our gender balance, but the overall diversity of our whole workforce. We’ll be publishing a full report detailing our current levels of diversity and details about how we’re going to improve on this over the next few years.”

Yorkshire Water is the first water company to achieve the National Equality. The company runs bespoke female talent development programmes, diversity and inclusion training for all managers, mentoring and a well-established Diversity and Inclusion Group which looks at ways to improve diversity amongst colleagues.

Yorkshire Water also sponsors Forward Ladies in their research into bridging the gender pay gap in STEM careers. Forward Ladies is a Yorkshire based organisation who aim to develop, connect and inspire women in STEM industries through events, research, networking and development programmes.