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Yorkshire Water supports Women in Engineering Day

Yorkshire Water have been hosting free education sessions to show what we have to offer female pupils who would like to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

We supported the 3rd annual Women in Engineering Day (23 June) by hosting ten sessions at Headingley Water Treatment Works in Leeds to try and boost the numbers of skilled female engineers working in the water sector.

In one week 265 year 6 and 7 female students will have learnt about the exciting career paths in these fields directly from female employees at Yorkshire Water. The sessions are very interactive and the pupils will be able to question Yorkshire Water’s female employees including graduates and apprentices who work in operational roles about their experiences.

As an added bonus the pupils received the very popular guided tour of Headingley Water Treatment Works where they will discover how water is cleaned and how we provide customers with a constant supply of fresh drinking water.

Shilpi Arora, Talent Adviser who organised the sessions said, “We want to inspire female students in primary school and year 7 of upper school to consider careers in engineering, science, technology and maths. We really hope that these sessions will encourage female students to consider these roles when they are beginning high school and when they choose their optional subjects a few years down the line.”

It seems as if the sessions are already a success as a couple of the students who have already attended a session this week have commented.

Holly Swann from Allerton High School said, “It was really fun finding out about what is used to treat the water and especially how it is filtered. A lot of jobs would make you think it is just about water and for males but the sessions have made me see the different aspects like IT. In the future I would consider a career in this discipline."

Alina Ali from the Featherstone Academy commented, “It was quite encouraging because it wasn't just to do with water but is about technology, computers and engineering. There are lots of opportunities for girls and I will definitely be thinking about a career in this field.”

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