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Be kind to your sink this Christmas

Yorkshire Water is urging customers not to tip turkey fat and other leftovers down the plughole after a new study found that one in five still do.

Grease and fat can clog up pipes and sewers which increases the risk of homes being flooded with raw sewage.

The survey, which was commissioned by Consumer Council for Water (CCWater), revealed that people aged 18 to 34 are the most likely to put fatty substances down the plughole.

Yorkshire Water is called out to 30,000 blockages a year, spending £2.4m and the firm has some helpful advice on what to do with fat.

“We know that 40% of blockages in our sewer network are caused by people putting the wrong thing down the sink or toilet. The best way to dispose of fat is to let it cool then store it in a glass jar like an old jam jar before throwing it away,” said Adrian Flanagan from Yorkshire Water.

“Or use one of our gunk pots - a reusable silicone container, available free from our website. You can scrape the fat into the pot before disposing in the bin.”

Yorkshire Water is also in the middle of a campaign urging customers to not flush wet wipes down the toilet as they can also lead to blockages. Even so-called ‘flushable wipes’ can cause issues as they contain plastic which does not break down in the sewer network.

For more information on blockages and to order a free anti-blockage pack, go to our blockages webpage.

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