32 bags of litter picked up around Farnley balancing pond

Some of our colleagues spent a day of volunteering, removing rubbish from Farnley balancing pond to help make the area safer and cleaner for local residents.

Open Source Arts and Team Kirkstall joined forces with us to organise litter picking sessions for our colleagues and local volunteers to help spruce up the area. 

The first of the two sessions was a resounding success with over 32 bags of litter, an old vacuum cleaner and a couple of tyres being removed from the site. There is a second session due to be held on 30th August and members of the public are very welcome to come along for some or all of the day. If you’d like to attend, please contact Open Source Arts. All equipment will be provided as well as tea and biscuits but please bring your own lunch. Children are welcome if they are accompanied by a responsible adult. 

Farnley balancing pond helps store rain water that flows off properties and roads in the local area and holds it in the pond to prevent flooding. 

This is not the first time Team Kirkstall and Yorkshire Water have joined forces to help clean up parts of Leeds. After the Boxing Day floods in 2015, our colleagues took part in several river clean up events to remove debris left over from the high river levels. 

After the first clean-up day Amanda Crossfield, Climate Change Strategy Manager at Yorkshire Water said: “Local residents have raised their concerns about the condition of the pond so we took this on board and organised these big clean ups to help make the site cleaner and safer.

Colleague volunteering is very important to Yorkshire Water as it helps us to deliver community and environmental benefits. We hope community will help us to keep the area litter free in the future.”