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Improvements at Digley reservoir

We have finished improving sections of the walking route at Digley reservoir just in time for the warmer weather.

Digley reservoir, located south-west of Holmfirth near Holmebridge, is a very popular recreation destination for visitors who head there to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Visitors can take the short walk just around the reservoir or be more adventurous and try the five mile walk which runs along lanes, fields and over open moorland with stunning views of the reservoir and surrounding countryside.

Alastair Harvey, Recreation Advisor said ‘We’ve repaired at lot of path damage caused by storms, mostly to the south of the reservoir. We’ve also carried out some drainage improvements to manage the water more effectively in an attempt to minimise any future storm damage. The paths are in great shape ready for the warmer weather when we tend to see visitor numbers increase dramatically.”

There are two car parks at the reservoir, Digley Quarry car park to the north of the reservoir, off Digley Royd Lane, and a second to the south across the dam wall. There is a picnic area next to the quarry car park but no toilets. There are steps at a couple of points around the route which unfortunately makes it unsuitable for families with pushchairs or wheelchair users.

Our research which was carried out in June last year showed that overall, 98% of visitors were satisfied and the vast majority very satisfied, with their experiences at its recreational sites. The handful of customers who registered dissatisfaction said it was mainly because of dog mess left by irresponsible dog owners and this is sometimes a problem at Digley.

Alastair commented; “We know that the vast majority of dog owners are responsible and pick up after their dogs and dispose of the poo bags correctly. However, a minority of owners don’t so dog fouling is a real issue that affects many people.” 

“We welcome dog owners at Digley but ask that everyone acts responsibly and with consideration to other users. We ask dog owners to pick up and take home any fouling by their dog and also keep them on short leads at all times, but particularly during lambing and bird nesting times which are sensitive times of the year.”

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