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Visitors leave satisfied from trips to Damflask reservoir

A survey by Yorkshire Water has revealed that nearly all visitors to Damflask reservoir have a good experience, with 98% stating they leave totally satisfied from their day trip to the beauty spot.

Located in the Peak District, the top reasons for visiting the reservoir are to go for a circular stroll, walk the dog, go for a run and enjoy the scenery on offer.

We carried out the survey to understand what visitors think about the reservoir so that it can be effectively managed to meet people’s recreational expectations.

Across the region, we own 115 reservoirs and it is estimated that around two million people visit Yorkshire Water’s land such as its reservoirs, ancient woodland and moorland, every year. These locations have become increasingly popular as a place to ‘get away from it all’ since they first opened up to the public after privatisation of the water sector in 1989. In total, 119 interviews were conducted with visitors to Damflask reservoir, which revealed that most visitors are 45 years-old or over and that 19% of visitors take children with them to the beauty spot.

Geoff Lomas, Recreation Manager, said: “These findings reveal that Damflask reservoir is an excellent day trip destination in addition to its primary purpose of supporting the supply of drinking water to Yorkshire residents.”

Another key finding was that over a third of visitors spent up to £15 with nearby businesses as a result of their visit, which highlights the ‘ripple effect’ contribution to the local economy the reservoirs create.

Geoff Lomas added: “In recent times, we’ve made a lot of effort to carefully manage Damflask so that it remains unspoilt and supports native fauna and wildlife and we have also improved the pathways to cater for wheelchairs. Whilst this feedback is fantastic, we are always looking to make improvements. We will look to implement some of the practical ideas our customers have suggested whilst recognising the customer feedback and that the scenery is a key factor attracting visits to this location.”

The handful of customers who registered dissatisfaction said it was mainly because more dog bins were required to reduce dog mess around the site.

Geoff Lomas added: “We know that the vast majority of dog owners are responsible and pick up after their dogs and dispose of the poo bags correctly. However, we would like to politely remind all dog owners to pick up and bin responsibly any dog mess and also keep their dogs on a lead. This will help ensure that all our visitors have a pleasant experience.”

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