This is Yorkshire Water – brilliant for hangovers and no hangovers!

At Yorkshire Water HQ here in Bradford, we don’t want to act like old “Ebenezer” and get in the way of you lot having fun. However, we do have some sound advice.

Why don’t you have a few glasses of the good stuff - hydrating Yorkshire Water - whilst you are out enjoying your New Year cheer? Our ‘Course it’s Better’ campaign promotes what we’ve known for a very long time, that water is brilliant for hangovers and no hangovers too!

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it has the effect of taking water out of the body and can cause dehydration. It’s this dehydration that causes hangovers the next morning.

We’re not saying don’t drink, but if you have a few glasses of water throughout the night you’ll still have fun, won’t get too drunk and you’ll keep those hangovers at bay. Who wants a hangover ruining their New Year's Day and all those other yummy family buffets and meals? Not us.

Don’t be fobbed off with any of those expensive bottled waters either. They might cost you as much as your pint or Prosecco, so make sure you get our tap water for free!

Don’t just take our word for it. The UK Chief Medical Officers are also encouraging you party-goers to pace yourselves and stay well hydrated to try and help reduce the burden on hospital services.

Across the whole of Yorkshire, there were tens of thousands of alcohol related hospital admissions in 2016/17. These admissions were for a variety of reasons, such as binge drinking and mainly alcohol-related diseases.

We want you to have a very happy New Year, so keep hydrated and safe. If you haven’t had enough water whilst you’ve been out, why not finish the night off with a proper brew? Our water makes the best cup of tea on earth. Fact.