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Yorkshire Water signs up to Clean Van Commitment

Yorkshire Water has signed up to the Clean Van Commitment, led by Global Action plan, in a bid to help reduce pollution in the county.

The firm has joined a number of other organisations across the United Kingdom to help drive the increase in manufacturing and usage of more zero emissions van driving by 2020. 

The Clean Van Commitment, is a collective response from van operators that is creating a clean signal to Government, manufacturers and the National Grid, that they are dedicated to immediately delivering zero tailpipe emissions.

Yorkshire Water will have 40 electric vans in place by 2020 with the innovation funded project will help offset 140 tonnes of carbon emissions per year and generate cost savings of around £536,000 over the seven-year life span of the vehicles.

The drive towards electric vehicles has led to the firm being the first in the water sector to be granted ‘Go Ultra Low’ fleet accreditation, which is a government and industry campaign to promote the benefits of electric vehicles.

Yorkshire Water’s Transport General Manager, David Hibbs said: “Reducing pollution is one of our five big goals so we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to sign up to the clear van commitment.

“For us this is just the start and we look forward to one day having a vehicle fleet entirely powered by renewable energy.”

Bex Bolland, Head of Air Quality, Global Action Plan said: “Today marks a significant moment for the UK’s van sector. For the first time, we know just how quickly van fleet leaders aim to adopt electric vehicles. Their collective purchasing commitments show manufacturers that demand is thriving, and will help energy sector, local authority and central government planning. Clean Van Commitment signatories, like Yorkshire Water, are paving the way for the national fleet of 4 million vans to become zero emission, significantly improving the air we all breathe.”

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