Customers encouraged to contact Yorkshire Water for free - Action taken against call connection company

We are warning our customers about call connection services on the internet which charge extortionate sums of money to call our customer contact centre.

Many websites advertise on search engines offering premium-rate telephone numbers for consumers to call companies, including ourselves.

Our official telephone number is a local rate 0345 number, but some of our customers are unwittingly using the call connection service and being charged £6 for the privilege.

A spokeperson from Yorkshire Water’s legal department said: "We have lots of free ways that our customers can contact us us via our website. They can use live chat, request a free call back and choose a precise 10 minute slot that suits them or they can talk to us via Twitter and Facebook. If they do need to ring we have a local rate 0345 number to use. We object to these call connection service charges for a simple phone call to us which should be charged at a local rate."

In April 2017, the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) issued a £645,000 fine to a similar call connection company called DK Call which charged customers £3.60 per minute to call well-known organisations such as Sky and HMRC.

Read the video transcript below:
Here’s a quick video that might save you a few pounds

Don’t pay more than you have to when you’re speaking to your water, energy or broadband suppliers.

Call Connection websites are out there to help you find telephone numbers for large companies you may be a customer of.

However, please be aware that the majority of these sites charge connection fees of up to £6, simply to put you through, or premium rates during the length of your call.

Our money saving tip is…

when you need to speak to a company’s customer service representatives – go direct.

Find the number on their official website as it may be a local rate 0345 number or even a freephone 0800 number.

If you needed to speak to someone at Yorkshire Water you’d be using a local rate 0345 number to call.

What’s more, if you contact us through yorkshirewater.com you can get us to give YOU a call

or you can chat online through Live Chat.

Requesting a call back is free as is Live Chat. No connection fees. No premium rates.

Here’s our top three tips on avoiding unnecessary charges:

1. If you’re searching the internet for our contact details and you find a website inviting you to connect by clicking on a link or hitting a CALL NOW button - make sure you check the charges associated with that call.

2. Numbers that begin 09, 084, 085, or 087 can be expensive. There are often cheaper alternatives like our 0345 local rate number.

Remember, if you need anything from us it doesn’t cost you a penny to request a call back at a time convenient to you or to simply start a Live Chat at yorkshirewater.com