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Improvements at Brayton Barff woodland

We have just finished improving the circular walking route at Brayton Barff woodland near Selby.

Brayton Barff woodland is a very popular recreation destination for visitors who head there to walk their dogs, enjoy the beautiful scenery and take a gentle stroll. The 1¼ mile circular route flows through densely wooded areas, some of which is ancient woodland. A car park is situated off Barff Lane, west of Brayton near Thorpe Willoughby.

A June 2015 survey of 100 visitors revealed that 97% of visitors to Brayton Barff woodland site were satisfied with their experience. 93% were very satisfied!

One of the main reasons for the 97% visitor satisfaction at Brayton Barff was the peace; visitors said, ‘It’s so peaceful here and easy to get to’, ‘wildlife is good’ and ‘it’s a great place to watch and listen to birds.’

Visitors were asked why they visited the site over anywhere else. Respondents cited the location, scenery, ‘we love it’, ‘nostalgia’ and ‘recommended.'

Alastair Harvey, Recreation Advisor said; ‘Last year we were delighted to discover how much visitors enjoy their experience at Brayton Barff. The paths are in tip top shape now and we hope these latest improvements make walking through the woods an even more pleasant experience.”

The 2015 survey also disclosed that a handful of customers who registered dissatisfaction said it was mainly because of dog mess left by irresponsible dog owners. This is not a problem unique to Brayton Barff though as visitors to our recreational sites across the region often mention the same problem.

Alastair commented; “We know that the majority of dog owners are responsible and pick up after their dogs and dispose of the poo bags correctly. However, a minority of owners don’t so dog fouling is a real issue that affects many people who come to our sites.”

“Please act responsibly and with consideration to other users. We ask dog owners to pick up any fouling by their dog and put it in the bin in the car park and also keep dogs on short leads at all times.”

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