Charities have just one month left to register for Yorkshire Water’s blockage challenge

Charities and organisations in Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield and Wakefield have just one month left to register for Yorkshire Water’s Blockage Challenge and be in with a chance of winning a share of £40,000.

Yorkshire Water is challenging residents to help cut the number of pipes which have been blocked by wipes, fats and grease which clog up the sewer network.

The blockages hotspot areas will be competing against each other and the one with fewest sewer blockages by May 19th will be awarded a £40,000 community fund. Community organisations and charities with environmental, social welfare and education projects which help spread the message are able to bid for grants between £100 and £5,000 from this fund. Organisations can apply via the Yorkshire Water website and it takes just 10 minutes to register.

Yorkshire Water spends around £2.4m each year on clearing around 30,000 blockages each year, of which 40% are caused by wet wipes.

Yorkshire Water Marketing, Media and Campaigns Manager, Aimee Linfoot, said: “Wet wipes, even so-called flushable wipes, can cause big problems in our network. Wipes contain plastic which don’t break down and over time can build up and lead to whatever is flushed down the toilet coming back up again.

“We are calling on the residents of Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield and Wakefield to take part in this challenge to see if together we can reduce the number of unnecessary blockages. As an added incentive, a new community fund will deliver significant cash awards to local community groups in the town or city that has the fewest sewer blockages by May 19th.

“We would ask customers to please only flush the three ps – pee, poo and paper.”

How you can get involved

To make sure that your town/city is the one to win the £40,000 community fund by having the clearest sewers, there are a few things you can do to help:

- Never flush any kind of wipes down the toilets and put them in the bin instead. This includes baby wipes, cleaning wipes, wet wipes, face wipes and so-called ‘flushable’ wipes.

- Avoid pouring grease, fats and oil down the sink as cooking fats are another major contributor to blockages and will eventually cool and solidify in the sewers.

Get your hands on the free anti-blockage pack which can be ordered on our Antiblockage webpage, and help us spread the word. It’s so easy to make a difference.

Be sure to put forward community groups or charities you support to help them be in with a chance of securing a slice of the new Yorkshire Water £40,000 community fund.

For more information about this new challenge from Yorkshire Water, please visit our Antiblockage webpage.