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Companies flock to Yorkshire Water Bioresources Supplier Day

Yorkshire Water set out its ambitions to be an industry leader in bioresources at its first Supplier Day at the Hilton in Leeds, which was attended by over 100 delegates from a wide range of potential business partners.

The firm is aiming to be a driving force in innovation and efficiency in the industry and is looking for different ideas and approaches to help it get there. At the event, Yorkshire Water explained how increased collaboration within the bioresources market will allow the firm to achieve its priorities: improved performance and resilience, whilst reducing customer bills and protecting the environment.

Head of Energy & Recycling, Ben Roche also discussed how it wants new partners which will help Yorkshire Water to maximise its production and potential of biogas, while making the most of the nutrient values of its sludges. Yorkshire Water will also work with partners and other water companies on the transportation and treatment of sludge to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce costs.

The company explained its procurement timeline and process to put attendees at ease, with many, especially the smaller companies in attendance not having worked with the company before.

There was also a ‘speed dating’ session where attendees could grill the decision-makers at Yorkshire Water about what they are looking for from its suppliers.

Ben Roche said: “The event was a great success and we were thrilled that so many willing companies, new and old, turned out to hear our ambitious plans and tell us how they can help.”

“We are a big advocate of the use of markets and we are looking for the right people to work with to improve our approach and deliver even more benefits for customers. There is a long journey ahead and there is a lot of hard work to be done, but this was an extremely encouraging start.”

AFECO, Engineering Director, Abi Field, whose company specialise in engineering technology, said: “We were really impressed with Yorkshire Water’s plans and how they are looking to work.

“When you collaborate, you need to be open and honest. Sharing ideas is much better to work openly and in an integrated approach.

“Their approach means there are a lot of ideas and potential ideas for companies like ours to make an impact.”

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