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Helping customers to pay bills a priority for Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water is reminding customers of its many schemes which are available that can help towards paying bills.

The company currently provides financial support to approximately 30,000 customers across the county but is committed to grow that number by a further 20,000 by April 2021.

Yorkshire Water is determined to keep bills as low as possible for all and next year, in an industry first, will review all customer accounts on an annual basis to help customers identify the best tariff for their circumstances.

The firm is also focussed on debt prevention and works collaboratively with credit reference agencies to identify those likely to fall into debt and highlight its support schemes to them.

Households on a meter who use more water because of a large family or medical reason can apply for WaterSure, which caps rates at £96.72 per quarter, while those on a low income who pay over £435 annually could be eligible for WaterSupport, which helps select the best tariff for the customer and caps payments.

Those with arrears as well as other priority debts such as rent, council tax, gas or electricity, could get help from the Community Trust. Managed by an independent board of trustees, successful applicants will receive an award towards water arrears.

Customers on an income-based benefit can take advantage of the company’s Water Direct Scheme, which takes money from benefits so there is less hassle and less worry.

Director of Customer Experience, Zoe Burns-Shore said: “We are committed to ensuring that no one need worry about paying their bill, which is why we have various options to help customers out.

“In an industry first, we will soon commit to review every customer bill annually, to determine if they are on the best tariff for them.

“However, I would urge customers who are struggling to contact us on 0345 1 24 24 24 so we can try to help.”

For more information on the ways Yorkshire Water can help with customers’ bills, go to our bill advice page.

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