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Yorkshire Water’s Reggie takes on water challenge with a difference

Yorkshire Water’s Reggie Botfield is taking on a challenge which us Brits might see as extreme but what is typical of what some people in India have to undergo every day.

From tomorrow for two weeks, Reggie, who lives in Leeds, will take part in the ‘The Bihar Water Challenge’, a sponsored 2-week personal challenge during which he will be using only 20 litres of water a day for all life activities - drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing. Reggie will also travel three miles a day by foot to collect his daily supply, a trip often undertaken by those in Bihar, India.

Reggie is taking on the challenge to demonstrate just how difficult it is to live in water poverty inside a developed country and raise money the charity WaterAid.

This activity forms part of Reggie’s involvement in the charity’s Winnovators employee development programme. Teams from around the globe compete with each other to solve a real problem from WaterAid’s work, create activities to raise funds, and learn new skills and leadership qualities.

To raise awareness and to document how hard it will be, Reggie will be posting regular vlogs on his YouTube page.

Reggie, who is a Project Manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “I want to do a really engaging and visual challenge that anyone living in the UK can easily relate to. By showing just how difficult it will be living on 20% of an average UK daily water use, I hope to highlight how important a reliable access to water is for everyone around the globe.

“Water really is life, and this challenge will show that in ways we may not always think about day to day!”

Christine Mellor, Water Industry Partnerships Manager for WaterAid said: “Reggie is fully committed to this challenge and we wish him the very best of luck – living on 20 litres of water a day won’t be easy. We’re so fortunate here in the UK to be able to have fresh, clean drinking water at the turn of a tap, but for 884 million people in the world, this is not the case. 

“The Winnovators programme gives teams the opportunity to get their creative juices flowing for an issue that really matters, whilst gaining a unique learning experience for themselves. Last year, the teams collectively raised over £200,000 for our work in Nicaragua and around the world, and contributed workable, imaginative solutions to extremely complex challenges. This year the focus is India, and we can’t wait to see how the teams get on.”

For information and updates on Reggie’s Bihar Water Challenge go to the Water Challenge Facebook Page or watch the YouTube video.

If you'd like to donate, you can do so via Reggie's JustGiving webpage

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