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Reading your water meter

meter reader with id and new uniform drop shadowWe need your meter reading twice a year but we also recommend that you do your own readings regularly so your bills are more accurate and to help track how much water you're using or identify any leaks at an early stage.

If your meter is located outside your home or in a place that's difficult or dangerous to get to we can come and help - just call 0345 1 24 24 24 

We appreciate that you're not always around during the day so we try to be as flexible as possible. Our meter readers work in the evenings and at weekends so they can find a time that suits you. Our meter readers will never be asked to be left alone and will always carry ID with them.

Click here for advice on how to guard against bogus callers at your home and view our video

Send us your latest meter reading online
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Alternatively, you can send your meter reading by text using your mobile phone.  Just send your text to 07537403008 with your reference number e.g. ref51234567012read1234

Where to find your meterstop tap homekit

Your meter is most likely to be found next to the internal stop tap, usually under your kitchen sink or in the garage. If the meter has been installed recently then it's likely to be outside your home under a small manhole.

Some meters may be located under a circular plastic lid which can be carefully lifted using a screwdriver, water meter manhole cover homekityou should then remove the protective polythene disc (which protects the meter from frost).  If there's condensation on the glass gently tap it and it will clear.  Some water meters have a 'window wiper' which you can use to swipe across the meter face and clear condensation.

Do you know where your stop tap is? Order a free stop tap tag so you and your family know where to find it in an emergency. 

Free stop tap tag 

How to read your meterhomekit watermeter numbers small thumb

We only require the black numbers from your meter, these represent the cubic meters you've used.  Please ignore the red digits.  When completing our form please complete all five fields placing zeros at the beginning.

We only advise you to read internal meters and even then, only when it's safe to do so. Meters that are fit externally under manhole covers should not be lifted without the correct equipment so please give us a call if you need some help.

Listen to our audio guide for a step-by-step guide to reading your water meter

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