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Applying for a water meter

For existing customers, if you decide you'd like a water meter installed we normally do it for free, provided that we can fit it in our preferred location.  If you'd like us to fit the meter in a different location there is a charge of £121.17 + VAT.

If, when we survey your property, we can't fit a meter or the installation would involve a lot of expense or disruption, we'll contact you to discuss the options available.

All our metering work is carried out by approved contractors, and is guaranteed for 12 months.

You can apply for a water meter online - simply fill in our form.  We'll install a meter within 3 months of a valid application, but it may be quicker.
Apply for a meter >

What can you do if you don't want a meter anymore?

There's no need to worry if you change your mind, you can revert to non metered charges at a later date as long as you write to us within 12 months of the meter being installed and the original application was made by you.

Please complete our online contact form, selecting Water supply as the subject and Meter installation query as your comment. Alternatively please send us a letter to:

Yorkshire Water
PO Box 52

What if you move home?

When you move house, the water meter will remain in the property, and we'll calculate the new occupier's charges on a metered basis. Please remember to let us know your new address and final meter reading when you're ready to move out. You can change your address online

Any other queries?

For answers to any other water meter related questions, please refer to our helpful virtual agent Sidra. 

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