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in Yorkshire

Over the next five years, customers' bills will help pay for £3.5 billion of improvements across the Yorkshire and Humber region. Among the benefits customers will receive are:

  • A more reliable supply of top quality drinking water, with fewer bursts and leaks.
  • A reduction in the number of homes and gardens affected by flooding from sewers.
  • Cleaner rivers, as a result of improvements we're making to our waste water treatment works
  • Even further improvements to the quality of bathing waters off Yorkshire's East Coast at resorts like Scarborough, Bridlington and Filey.


What's happening next?

We are already looking ahead and planning for the next price review which will come in 2014. This will set prices and investment levels for 2015-2020. The price review involves extensive consultation and listening to the views of our customers. Customers will help us identify what is really important and where we need to invest.

Price Review 2014 >

A £6 billion ripple effect

As you can see, the money we're spending is much more than a drop in the ocean. For every £1 we spend, we'll generate almost double this in terms of additional economic activity in the region - for example, we work with more than 1,000 local suppliers across the Yorkshire region to deliver our services.

The Headlines

So what will we be investing in?

Water supplies - £92 million

  • Continuing to ensure that you have a secure supply of drinking water.
  • Maintaining high standards of water quality across the region.
  • Fitting Automated Meter Readers (AMRs) to water meters so we don't have to come to your home to read your meter - this will mean we send out fewer estimated bills.
  • 714km of water mains will be renewed, relined or cleaned.

Bathing water and environment - £110 million

  • Improving the quality of bathing waters by minimising pollution incidents and delivering improvements to rivers and beaches.
  • 17 bathing beaches on the east coast will benefit from our investment.

Where we'll be investing

Find out more about where well be investing and what this means for you? Click on the links below to find out more.

North Yorkshire ripple effect

North Yorkshire

East Riding and Hull ripple effect

Hull and East Riding

South Yorkshire ripple effect

South Yorkshire

West Yorkshire ripple effect

West Yorkshire


Sewer flooding - £83 million

  • Reducing the number of properties that experience internal sewer flooding.
  • 206km of sewers will be renewed or renovated
  • A 31% reduction in '1 in 10' and '2 in 10' year 'at risk' register for internal property flooding due to overloaded sewers
  • 83 waste water treatment works will be maintained or enhanced

Watch our video to see where we'll be investing and what this means for you (click on the image below - the video will open up in a new page)

Striking the right balance for Yorkshire

Ofwat website link

How we decided where to invest

As part of our planning we produced a strategic direction statement to look at our aspirations of service and prices right through to 2035.

As part of the plan we asked one of our most important audiences for their ideas - children ! - after all they'll be our customers in 25 years time.

We were inundated with fun, interesting and creative ideas - take a look...

Throughout the planning process we also spoke to customers, local governing bodies, MPs and Councillors to see what they thought.

What we achieved between 2005-2010

During our last five year investment programme (2005-2010) we invested £1.5 billion in the region. Our aim has been to safeguard and improve Yorkshire's water and sewerage infrastructure, whilst being more efficient to keep our prices as low as possible.

We've spent an average of £750 per household to maintain and upgrade our pipes and works to reduce the risk of bursts, low water pressure, incidents of discolouration, sewer flooding and odour problems.

  • Water mains york to new yorkAround £247 million to improve our treatment works and upgrade over 1,200 miles of water mains - enough pipework to stretch from New York to York! This investment will improve water quality and reduce the risk of discolouration for over one million customers.
  • £39 million to resolve sewer flooding at 386 properties and to resolve outdoor flooding at 88 locations.
  • £90 million to upgrade and replace Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) across the region and improve river water quality.
  • £227 million ensures that our largest sewage treatment works comply with the requirements of the new Fresh Water Fish Directive .