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Moving homehomekit moving house

When you're moving home there's simply so much to remember to do, so we've developed this section of our website to give you a little help. 

You can let us know that you've moved or check out our top tips for moving, including a handy checklist, things you'll need in your survival kit and helper stickers for your kids.

Changing your address

Whether this is your first account, or you're moving into Yorkshire or leaving the region, or just moving within Yorkshire, you can transfer your account details quick and easy.


Moving within our region - what you'll need

  1. Address

    Your old address, your new address and the new occupiers' name and previous address (if known).diary red pen moving date
  2. Date

    The date you moved out and the date you moved in.
  3. Meter reading

    Your final meter reading if you had a water meter; and your first meter reading if your new home has a meter.

    Change your address online >

Have you remembered to tell everybody that you've moved? Download our moving home checklist.

Checklist >

Moving into our region - what you'll need

  1. Address

    Your new address and your billing address if different.
  2. Date

    The date you moved in.homekit watermeter front
  3. Meter reading

    The meter reading at your new house, if you have a meter installed.

    Change your address online >

First day survival kit - download our handy checklist for things you'll need on the big day.

Survival kit >

Moving out of our region - what you'll need

  1. Address

    Your old address and the name and previous address of the new tenant.
  2. Date

    The date you moved out.
  3. Meter reading

    Your final meter reading, if you had a water meter.

    Close your account >

Don't leave everything until the last minute!  Download our list of things to do two weeks before you move.

Be prepared >

When should you let us know?Couple moving setee in their new home

Please can you let us know as soon as you've moved into your new property - the sooner the better really to make sure we can bill you correctly.

If your new or old home has a water meter it's also important that you give us the latest readings too. Simply add the readings when submitting the forms above.

Instead of letting the kids get under your feet why not enlist them to help?  Print out stickers for your little helpers!

Little helper stickers >

What about your Direct Debit?

If you currently pay by Direct Debit, don't worry about cancelling it, we'll automatically transfer your Direct Debit to your new house. 

If you don't pay by Direct Debit but would like to, click here to apply.

Top tips

Nearly there - Follow our top tips for what to do two weeks before you move...

Download moving home tasks (89 kb)  

Top tips

The big day's arrived - Use our checklist so you don't forget to let everybody know you've moved...

Download moving home checklist (83 kb)

Top tips

Download our survival kit for the move - you may be lost without one of these!

Download moving home survival kit (69 kb)

Top tips for tiny tots

Reward your little troopers with helper stickers

Download little helper stickers (122 kb)