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Activities for children

recreation.jpgWe know how difficult it is to entice children away from their games console and TV, so we've developed a range of activities which they can complete at home, or during a walk at one of our recreation sites.

Why not get involved and help your children colour in a picture or tackle a wordsearch? If you're going on a walk take along our wildlife spotter cards, a bag to collect leaves or a quiz set around our reservoir walks at Swinsty, Baitings, Brayton Barff or Damflask. 

You can download any of the activities listed below.  We hope you enjoy them!


Colouring in Sheet

Children's Quiz - Baitings Reservoir


Children's Quiz - Damflask Reservoir

Match 'em up

Children's Quiz - Brayton Barff Reservoir

Spot the Difference - Colouring in Sheet

Spotter Scorecard

Spot the Difference - Colouring in Sheet - Answers    

Word Puzzles

Spot the Difference - Photographs

Word Puzzles - Answers

Spot the Difference - Photographs - Answers

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