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Eon ShowersaveShowerSave

Our customers can get a FREE ShowerSave which can save you up to £42 off your utility bills every year*.

Easily fitted between your shower and hose, it could help reduce your utility bills.

How does it work?

The ShowerSave uses a unique 'flow regulator technology' keeping the flow of water through your shower at a constant 7.6 litres per minute. This reduces the amount of water and energy that's wasted each time you take a shower.

Is your shower suitable?Shower

To benefit from the ShowerSave, there needs to be a minimum amount of water being supplied through your shower every minute - too little and it won't benefit you as you already use a water saving shower.

When you order a ShowerSave you'll get a measuring bag complete with instructions to test the flow rate of your shower.  If the water is above the measuring line on the flowbag, then you could save water and money.

How do I order one?

A company called SaveWaterSaveMoney are helping us send out the ShowerSaves.  All you need to do is go to their website and fill in your details.

Order your free ShowerSave

Order a free ShowerSave 

*How the savings are calculated

I have a water meter

The £42 # saving is based on reducing your water usage, the volume of used water we take away and treat and your gas consumption. 

#Formerly £45 - adjusted due to reduction in gas charges April 2010)

Bank notes and coinsYour water charges - A ShowerSave can reduce your water consumption by 12.28 cubic metres (1 cubic metre = 1000 litres) per year based on a metered cost of 113.0p per cubic metre (resulting in a £13.88 reduction on your water charges).

Your sewerage charges - As you're using less water, you can also save money on your sewerage charges (if you're connected to a public sewer) as we're taking less away. Based on the estimate that we take away and treat 95% of your used water, at 132.4p per cubic metre this is an additional saving of £15.45.

Your gas bill - You can also reduce your gas consumption by 447.6kWh per year - with a gas price of 3.025p/Kwh this represents a saving of £13.54

I don't have a water meter

If you don't have a water meter then we're sorry to say you won't make any savings on your water and sewerage charges, however, you may reduce your gas consumption by 447.6kWh per year - with a gas price of 3.407p/Kwh this represents a saving of £15.24.

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