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Need some help or advice?

Yorkshire Water undertaking workWe've put together a series of 'How to' guides so whether you have no water or low pressure , a leak on your supply , discoloured water , frozen water pipes or just want some advice on flooding issues then we've got loads of helpful advice.

No water/hot water or low pressure

If you've got no water, are experiencing low water pressure or you have no hot water for a bath or shower, our video guide will provide a checklist for things you can try to get your water back on tap. There is also a simple test you can carry out to see whether your pressure is low.

We've also created a pdf that you can print out so you can follow the steps in the video.

No water/low water pressure checklist - print me out

Keep tabs on the latest incidents in your area

As we find out about bursts, floods or water supply problems we'll add them to our homepage and provide updates as we know more. Not on there? Tap in your postcode on our homepage to see a map of your area and check our latest advice.

Reporting and checking for leaks

Please call our free leakline to report a water leak on your property or in the street.

Free leakline 0800 57 35 53

If you think you might have a leak you can turn investigator and check whether you're using or losing water. Download our booklet for 5 easy steps to check!

A practical guide to water consumption - are you using it or losing it? (898kb)

To find out more about water supply pipes, your responsibilities and how we might be able to help, download a copy of our supply pipe policy.

Download Responsibility for pipework leaflet (412kb)

Defrosting frozen pipes

If your water pipes have frozen and you're without water follow our simple steps:

  1. Plumbing and drainage cover - cold snapTurn off your stop tap. You can find your stop at the point where it enters your home, either in the garage, your cellar or under the kitchen sink.
  2. Feel the pipework around your stop tap to see if it's extremely cold. If it is...
  3. Try heating the pipe with a fan heater or hair dryer. Don't use a naked flame.
  4. Turn your stop tap back on.
  5. Insulate your pipes with waterproof foam lagging, available from most DIY outlets or plumbing merchants.

Follow our advice

Protecting your water pipes from frost

The last thing you need to add more misery to a really cold snap is burst pipes. They're costly to put right, not to mention the mess and the hassle.

Check out our dedicated page which gives you help and advice on how to protect your pipes from frost or download our handy leaflet which is full of hints and tips.

Protect your pipes (88kb)

Discoloured or cloudy water

Child with glass of waterVery occasionally, your water may be discoloured or cloudy. We understand that you find this unappealing, so if you experience this please follow our advice.

Follow our advice

Chlorine in your water

Chlorine is added to the water supply at the treatment works to disinfect it. Whilst the level of chlorine is kept to a minimum to ensure a wholesome supply, a small amount of chlorine is occasionally detectable by customers who have a sensitive palate.

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If you've got a question about our products or services why not try our online FAQ tool? Sidra from our Customer Care Team will be on hand to try and answer your questions. No need to call us or search through our website!


Water in a puddleIf flooding occurs inside your property as a result of public sewer flooding, or you see pollution in a watercourse, let us know as soon as possible. We like to have as much notice as possible to give us more time to resolve the issue where we can.

Customer helpline 0345 1 24 24 24

For more information on protecting your home from flooding or cleaning up following a flood, follow our advice.

Follow our advice

Bogus callers - man at a door with IDGuard against bogus callers

Guard against bogus callers at your door - see how you can check the identity of our staff with our free password scheme.

Follow our advice

Sewer blocked by build up of fatGetting rid of your cooking fat and oil

Yorkshire's sewers are being abused and it's causing all kinds of problems. Stop and think - don't put used fat, oil or grease down the sink! Help keep the drains in your home and sewerage system in your street flowing freely.

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