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Standpipe application

Application form and penIn order to use a standpipe on our water network, you must hire a metered standpipe from Supply UK working in partnership with Yorkshire Water.

Any standpipe in use that has not been obtained from Supply UK and is therefore not an approved standpipe will be deemed as use without consent and further action will be taken by Yorkshire Water. The metered standpipe will be no larger than 1 inch diameter and it will be fitted with a back flow prevention device in the form of a BS6282 double check valve.

To draw water from our network, a metered standpipe should be attached to a Wash Out (WO), under no circumstances should a metered standpipe be used on a Fire Hydrant (FH).

If you need to hire a metered standpipe, complete and return the standpipe application forms below -

Download metered standpipe application (341kb)

Download credit account application form (244kb)

Download our standpipe company procedure handout (88kb)

Download our standpipe staff procedure handout (83kb)

Should you require any further information, the procedure handout explains our policy in more detail. Alternatively contact us on 0845 1 20 84 82.

Using a standpipe without a licence amounts to a criminal offence contrary to section 174(3) of the Water Industry Act 1991.

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