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Water quality

Ever wondered why water can taste different from area to area? The source of your water and the level of minerals can make your water taste different.

What's in your water

Supply zone: Beverley 2004

Areas covered: Bentley, Beverley, Cottingham, Dunswell, Inglemire, Little Weighton, Skidby, Sulcoates, Thearne, Woodmansey

Report period: January 2013 - December 2013

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If there are any incidents in your area (i.e. your water has gone off, there's a burst in the street, or pollution in a watercoarse) they will appear below.

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There are no incidents in your area.

& Roadworks

Below, are a few of the improvements and roadworks currently happening in your area. To see more details, and their precise locations, please use our interactive map.

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There are lots of things to do in your area. We have put just few onto our maps to tempt you. Please use our map to view a varied list of all activities and their locations.

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Someone once said there is no such thing as bad weather - just the wrong clothing. See what you'll need to wear for the next four days, with our local weather forecast.

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