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Business customers

As well as supplying businesses in Yorkshire with a reliable supply of great quality water and waste water services, we're here to help your business cut costs and be more environmentally friendly.

We've a wealth of expertise, supported by some great products and services for you to tap into.

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Business customers - City

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Products and services

Includes mapping your utilities, detecting leaks, disposing of kitchen fats, detecting and repairing leaks, analysing bills, installing meter outreaders.


Products and services

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Choosing your water supplier


See what recent Government changes relating to the provision of water services in England means for your business.


Network access policy

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Save water save money

Read about our water conservation products and our water audit surveys, pick-up our tips for saving water and reducing your carbon footprint.

Save water save money

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Water regulations and consents

Find out more and how we can help you comply.

Water regulations and consents

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Services for property and construction

Planning a development? - whether it's small extension or commercial development, check out our mapping service and advice on how to connect.


Services for property and construction

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Water coolers for business

Reduce your costs and boost your environmental credentials with our mains fed water coolers.

Water coolers for business

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