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We're aware of a fracture in our long sea outfall pipe at Cornelian Bay.

This pipe discharges waste water from the washing and processing of vegetables 1.8 kilometres out to sea.

We know that the pipe is fragile in places which is why we're planning to replace the pipe in the long term. In the short term we're on site investigating the leak and we're using our experience of coastal pipes to decide how to best manage the current situation.

Cornelian Bay is rocky and the sea is dangerous in this area which is something we're having to consider as part of our plans. We'd like to reassure people that, whilst the milky coloured water is visible, it isn't a risk to health.

Latest news:  We're working hard to obtain the licenses we need to carry out repairs to the pipe.  At this stage we anticipate that we may be able to start repair work in December, but this is dependent on achieving the licenses and also the sea conditions.

Last updated5th December

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